16th March 2018

Old School

In 2009, the Stow Community Trust developed a feasibility study and business plan to convert the old school building in Stow into a modern, multi-functional community and business centre. This was made possible through the assistance of a local resident with valuable skills, experience and the necessary contacts.

The old school building had remained unused since the development of the new school in 2000 on the other side of the Gala Water. It was rapidly deteriorating and the SCT wanted to acquire the building and create a sustainable community facility before refurbishment was no longer economically viable. This development was encouraged and supported by Scottish Borders Council.

By 2013 it became apparent that land tenure agreements could not be arranged for community use and the SCT withdrew from this project, but the project was a useful learning process for the later Station House project.

The old school building, which is category C listed, has since been converted into two new homes for the village. The Stow Parish Archive has a number of historic photographs of the school building – this one from the air shows the school and schoolhouse.