Register interest for an ebike trial

If you would like to join our popular ebike loan scheme please get in touch.  We have 4 tourer ebikes available to the community, normally for a 4 week period. 

Complete this form to register your interest and we will be in touch to asses your eligibility for the loan.

The benefits of ebike are numerous.  Most people rule out traveling to work by bike, but with an electric bike longer journeys become a pleasure.

When on the flat you can turn off the electric motor and peddle as if you were on a normal bike, but when the gradient get a little steeper use the motor to iron out those hills, you will be surprised how easy a commute becomes and yes you will help lower your carbon footprint.  

Because ebike are easier to use in hilly areas, in strong winds or when carrying heavy loads you will tend to use it more than a traditional bike, and yes you will become fitter.