Station House Update

Thank you to all who visited the Station House in our tremendously popular open days back in September, and to all who gave us feedback, suggestions, and even requests for bookings! In the weeks since, we have been really busy behind the scenes getting the building ready for use.

The building was officially handed over to the Trust, but we still had work to do – snagging, fire-safety, system tests etc. However, the biggest challenge has been completing the fit-out. Many of you will know that all sorts of businesses and organisations have been struggling with supply chains of late, and the Station House has not been immune. At the beginning of November we finally got chairs delivered for the Engine Room, but tables won’t be delivered until the end of the month. It will take longer for other furniture that we need. We’ve had suppliers deliver the wrong furniture, going out of stock after we’ve ordered, or dramatically increasing prices beyond our reach. But we are getting there!

What about a tenant?

We are being asked this a lot – with good reason! We know you are as keen as we are to enjoy a drink or a meal with friends and family in this great new space. However, as you know the hospitality industry across the country is still really struggling – we had lots of interest to our tenant recruitment process, but many interested parties felt they had to concentrate on their existing businesses and couldn’t take on a new challenge given continuing uncertainties. We have been getting support and advice from Community Enterprise in Scotland, and hope to give a further update soon!

When can I get to use the Station House?

In the meantime, whilst we continue the tenant recruitment process, we have an amazing building that we’re keen to open the doors to community group meetings, parties and commercial events. To get it right, the SCT Board are working to have the right arrangements in place, e.g. on-line booking, janitorial services, pricing arrangements.

If you, or your group, are interested in booking the Station House, please direct message us via facebook or get in touch by email and we can explore if the Station House is a possible venue that may suit. We’ll update our website with more details as soon as we can!

P.s. don’t forget to join us for a weekend of Cop26-related events organised in conjunction with Green Stow and Stow Primary School!