Stow Walk It

A few folk in the village have recently taken part in training that gives us the skills to lead guided walks. We’re keen to put our new skills into action and will be offering two walks:

Starting every Thursday from the 27th May at 10.30am until the start of September, we’ll be leading short, gentle walks (maximum half an hour) from the crossroads and finishing at the Cloudhouse for coffee and chats. These walks will give you the chance to meet folk from around the community while enjoying some fresh air ?

Then from 1st June and every Tuesday at 12.30pm until the start of September, we’ll be leading brisker, three quarter hour walks, meeting at, and returning to, the Station House. We would like to encourage folk who are working from home to enjoy some fresh air before getting back to work in the afternoon.

Feel free to come along occasionally or regularly, no pressure!