Station House Update – Autumn 2018

Following the Annual General Meeting Helen Corcoran was elected as Chair of the Stow Community Trust Board.

Helen is a member of the committee that worked to create the new Community Play Park. Her ambition as Chair is to have the doors of the Station House open to the Stow community by April 2020.
The main focus of the Stow Community Trust Board is securing the funding required to renovate and fit out the building for its new uses. The Board are confident that they will achieve the funding target. Stow Station House Project is an attractive proposition for prospective funders and the benefits that it will bring to the local community and the wider area are well recognised by funding partners. It is well aligned with wider strategic development plans for both the Borders Railway and the Scottish Borders and enjoys the support of Scottish Borders Council who are providing advice and support to the Board.

The business plan for the project has been endorsed by Scotrail, Scottish Borders Council, Borders Blueprint, Railway Heritage Trust and other potential funders. Funding has already been secured for phase 1 of the development. The Board is now working with partners and funders to put a funding package together for phase 2 which will enable the work to get underway to renovate, extend and fit out the building. A number of bids have already been submitted and we are awaiting the final outcome of their decisions.

The project aims to provide a much needed bar bistro facility for the local community; a cycle business to hire and service bikes; attract more visitors to Stow to support local businesses; provide a focal point to support the further development of activities such as cycling and walking and celebrate Stow’s rich heritage as well as contribute to a better connected Stow community. To achieve these benefits the Board recognises the need to work more closely with the whole community.

Meanwhile an exercise to test out interest amongst local catering providers in the Borders to run the bar bistro has found considerable interest in the proposals and planning will begin in the next few months to progress a procurement exercise to identify a suitable provider. Suitable plans for the new building are also progressing well. If you want to find out more, become involved and add your contribution to this exciting project contact:

Helen Corcoran

Eibhlin McHugh