Board meeting – Monday 11th November

The Stow Community Trust hold monthly board meetings to report on the work of the Trust and it’s members.

The key points from the meeting on 11th November are as follows:
1. The Board is working hard to close the funding gap that has arisen following the recent tendering exercise for the building and construction work required at the Station House. This involves working closely with our professional team and the preferred provider to identify savings and with our funders to secure new monies. The next few weeks are critical as the signing of the building contract by the end of December is a condition of one of our main funders for the release of their funding. The board is quietly  confident that we will meet this deadline.
2. The Accelerate Scheme which is run the by Scottish Community Alliance  has allocated SCT  the services of Pamela Redpath, a borders based  consultant to assist with financial planning.
3. A meeting with Deborah Crozier, Just Cycle is planned this week to explore what we can learn from Just Cycle’s success and potential opportunities for collaboration going forward.
4. Planning permission has been granted for the additional parking spaces planned on land that Nigel Millar is providing. A long term lease is being drawn up for this purpose.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Trust, please get in touch.