Community survey review

Community survey 2019:

A huge thank you to everyone who completed the recent community survey, canvassing opinion regarding the Station House project. The responses received are helping to shape the plans for the project.

Please find a detailed review of the responses below:


Question 1
(Answered: 118 / Skipped: 0)




Question 2
(Answered: 117 / Skipped: 1)


Question 3
(Answered: – / Skipped: -)


Answers not published.


Question 4
(Answered: 113 / Skipped: 5)

The Community Room:

This space will be available for parties, meetings and functions. It will accommodate approximately 40 people. Bar and catering will be available if required. What would you want to use it for?

Open responses:

  • Probably won’t use it
  • There’s already a perfectly good town hall
  • Exercise classes
  • All of the above would depend on hire charges
  • Art exhibitions
  • Exhibitions
  • Fitness & health
  • Feel it is unnecessary
  • Pilates or yoga


Question 5
(Answered: 113 / Skipped: 5)

What facilities should be available?

Open responses:

  • Storage spaces for groups – e.g. Guides, Girls’ Brigade, Scouts, youth clubs, baby & toddler groups, etc.
  • Kitchen
  • Toilet facilities for train users
  • Baby change
  • Dog friendly
  • Child friendly

Question 6
(Answered: 116 / Skipped: 2)

Bar Bistro:

We will shortly be starting a tendering exercise to secure a catering provider to manage the bar/bistro. We are interested to understand the needs of local people to help inform the process. Which of the following best describes your food and drink preferences?

Open responses:

  • Would be great to have somewhere to visit regularly
  • There’s already a very good café next to the post office
  • Tea & coffee and good puddings & cake
  • Pizza oven I think the bistro is a great idea. Would be fab for Stow to have a local
  • I eat meat infrequently so highly appreciate good vegetarian options
  • Kids menu – family friendly please
  • Sometimes eat vegetarian sometimes not.
  • Would like some decent fish & veg dishes
  • Bar food only
  • Quality locally sourced produce



Question 7
(Answered: 117 / Skipped: 1)

We’re also interested to hear how you might want to use the bar/bistro.

Open responses:

  • Would use regularly if the quality/style of food & service was good
  • Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays, more likely to use it at weekends as working part time. Looking forward to having a place to bring family and friends for a drink and or food when they visit Stow.
  • Coffee/tea before getting on the train
  • Would be wonderful to finally have a bar/eating place back in the village for people to meet up
  • Meeting with clients
  • Weekday evenings


Question 8
(Answered: 101 / Skipped: 17)

Cycling / walking hub:

The Station House aims to expand and develop Stow as a cycling and walking destination. We are looking to develop a cycling hub as part of the building. How do you think you may want to use it?

Open responses:

  • We won’t use but people visiting us may
  • This hub idea is fundamentally flawed. It is in the wrong place. It will negatively impact the existing facilities in the Townfoot. It will be a waste of money and effort. It will not be viable or sustainable once initial funding is exhausted.
  • Hub for village based cycle club
  • Do not want cycling AT ALL. Too many as it is and they will detract from the business attracting all other people. Just like the cafes in Innerleithen now suffer. Bikes strewn everywhere and cyclists dominating seating and only drinking one coffee and sitting for hours not moving on and not spending.
  • Would be great to try out an electric bike
  • Not interested
  • I am very unsure about this aspect. The premiere cycling centres in Scotland are so close by, Stow has nothing to offer other than road routes. This is wasted space that could be used for restaurant and bar. Also, a hire fleet of bikes is very expensive and time consuming to maintain (I have run a mountain bike hire centre). This needs to be re-thought.

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